Hollis S. Budd, Executive Director

(585) 218-9855 ext. 1801

Isobel Goldman, Director of Grants and Programs

(585) 218-9855 ext. 1802

Susan Rosenbloom, Director of Finance and Administration

(585) 218-9855 ext. 1803

Judy Azoff, Senior Program Officer
(585) 218-9855 ext. 1806

Kirsten Barclay, Senior Program Officer
(585) 218-9855 ext. 1809
Trisha Butera, Controller
(585) 218-9855 ext. 1807
Sharon Gray, Program Officer
(585) 218-9855 ext. 1808

Alicia Jinks, Grants Administration Manager
(585) 218-9855 ext. 1805
Robert Kraus, Communications Consultant
(585) 218-9855
Pamela Rosbrook-Schlierf, Operations and Event Coordinator
(585) 218-9855 ext. 1804



Nathan J. Robfogel, Esq., Chair
Partner (retired), Harter Secrest & Emery LLP

Matthew Aroesty
President and CEO, Maxum Properties, Inc.
Kenneth D. Bell
Executive Vice President (retired), HSBC Bank 
Lynn Farash
Real Estate Manager
Edward Hourihan, Jr.
Attorney, Bond, Schoeneck & King 
Thomas H. Jackson
Distinguished University Professor, William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration
President Emeritus, University of Rochester
Hoffman Moka Lantum, MD, PhD
President and Founder, 2020 MicroClinic Initiative
Theresa Mazzullo
Chief Executive Officer, Excell Partners
Gregory Wolcott
Director (retired), External Affairs, The Wharton School